Egg cups with the shape of a figure without a foot, we do not collect. Just like flat egg cups, saucer egg cups , glass , metal and plastic egg cups. Because we are buying collections, we do receive them. In order to expose these collections, we photograph these egg cups and classify and expose them too.

On this page one can choose to have a look at the pages of these egg cups in a coming in sequense or characteristic feature.

If you like to see the egg cups in coming in sequense, click

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The features are ordered in a number of characteristics. Clicking on one of the characteristics below opens the page showing the characteristic egg cuops

1 Poultry

2 Hares and rabbits.

3 Other animals.

4 Human related.

5 Birds.

6 Flat egg cups.

7 Saucer egg cups.

8 All kind of things.

9 Glass.

10 Metal

11 Plastic