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Please read this page completely, for at the end you will find the pages with our swaps.

Calculate the swapvalue (points) of your eggcups in order to compare them with ours.

With help of the system below you can calculate the swapvalue of the eggcups you are intending to swap.

 Value in 'punten'/points  OLD (before 1980)porcelain or pottery  NEW (after1980)porcelain or pottery

 Buckets  Buckets

 Pedestal: plain/unpatterned  Pedestal: flowers/patterned/souvenir Figurals/Animals

 Pedestal: flowers/patterned Figurals/Animals  Pedestal: dinner service(patterned)/Royalties

 Pedestal: souvenir/children/dinner service(patterned)/Royalties  

A crack(barst) means a reduction of 50% of the 'punten' and missing a chip (scherf) means the reduction of 75%

If you don't understand how to calculate the value of your egg cups, please sent the egg cups to us and we will mail you the number of points.
When you have calculated the number of 'punten/points', you can make your choise from the pages below after we made an appointment (ad@eierdopjes.nl) Mail it and we can set them aside . Ship your eggcups, well packed, by TNT or whatever to us. I will mail the adress on request.

When I recieved your delivery, I'll send mine to you.


You want to buy eggcups? The price is 0.5 Euro per "punt" with a minimum of 1 Euro per egg cup, 0.5 English pound per 'punt' with a minimum of 1 English pound per egg cup or 1.0 US$ per 'punt' with a minimum of 1.5 $ per egg cup. 20% discount for orders over 30 egg cups. Shipmentcosts on demand. For more details mail me at ad@eierdopjes.nl



Our duplicate egg cups are sorted on swap&sale value pages. When you are interested, have a look by clicking on one of the pages undermentioned.


Egg cups with value of 2 points

Egg cups with value of 4 points

Egg cups with value of 6 points

Egg cups with value of 8 points